Special Dates.
Important Dates 2012

My Flower Shop is committed to having the best Floral Website Online, we have composed a list of important dates for your information, please also make use of our free date reminder service. The best way not to forget that all important special date.

JANUARY - click for more
New Year's Day 1st January 2012
Australia Day 26th January 2012

FEBRUARY - click for more
Valentine's Day 14th February 2012
TAS - Regatta Day 14th February 2012
TAS - Launceston Cup 23rd February 2012

MARCH - click for more
WA - Labour Day 7th March 2012
Mother's Day 8th May 2012
ACT - Canberra Day 14th March 2012
VIC - Labour Day 14th March 2012
SA - Adelaide Cup 14th March 2012
TAS - Eight Hours Day 14th March 2012

APRIL - click for more
Good Friday 22nd April 2012
Easter Monday 26th April 2012
Anzac Day 25th April 2012

MAY - click for more
NT - May Day 2nd May 2012
QLD - Labour Day 2nd May 2012
Secretary's Day 6th May 2012

JUNE - click for more
WA - Foundation Day 5th June 2012
Queen's Birthday (ex W.A) 13th June 2012

JULY - click for more
NT - Alice Springs Show Day 1st July 2012
NT - Katherine Show Day 15th July 2012
NT - Darwin Show Day 22nd July 2012

AUGUST - click for more
ACT - Bank Holiday 1st August 2012
NT - Picnic Day 1st August 2012
QLD - RNA Show Day Brisbane only 17th August 2012

SEPTEMBER - click for more
Father's Day 2nd September 2012

OCTOBER - click for more
Queen's Birthday (W.A) 3rd Oct 2012
ACT - Labour Day 3rd October 2012
NSW - Labour Day 3rd October 2012
SA - Labour Day 3rd October 2012
WA - Queen's Birthday 3rd September 2012
TAS - Launceston Show Day 6th October 2012
TAS - Hobart Show Day 20th October 2012

NOVEMBER - click for more
VIC - Melbourne Cup 1st November 2012
TAS - Recreation Day 7th November 2012

DECEMBER - click for more
Christmas Day 25th December 2012
Boxing Day 26th December 2012
SA - Proclamation Day 27th December 2012


January 2012
1 January New Year's Day
1-7 January Gantan-sai
23 January Chinese New Year - Confucian/Daoist/Buddhist
23-28 January Annual Cultural Showcase
26 January Saltwater Freshwater Festival
26 January Australia Day
27 January International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
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February 2012

1 February Heart Kids National Awareness Month
1-29 February Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
2 February World Wetlands Day
3 February Setsubun Sai
4 February World Cancer Day
7 February Safer Internet Day 2012
11-26 February The Sustainable Living Festival
12-18 February Duchenne Awareness Week
14 February Tatts & Tiaras Day
14 February National Condom Day
14 February Sexual Health Awareness Week
18 February International Asperger's Day
20 February World Day of Social Justice
21 February International Mother Language Day
23 February Ovarian Cancer Australia's Teal Ribbon Day
24 February Boardies day SA
24 February National Sunnies for Sight Day
27 February International Corporate Philanthropy Day
28 February Business Clean Up Day
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March 2012

1 March National Epilepsy Awareness Month
1-31 March Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month
2 March Schools Clean Up Day
3 March Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival
3-10 March World Naked Bike Ride Australia
4 March Clean Up Australia Day
6 March Sea Week
8 March International Women's Day
8 March World Kidney Day
8 March Magha Puja Day
10-16 March Hello Parks Week
11 March Dive In. Help Out
11-17 March World Glaucoma Week
12 March Canberra Day
13 March Multiple Birth Awareness Week
13-20 March Coeliac Awareness Week
15-17 March World's Greatest Shave
16 March Crazy Hair Day
17-25 March Celebrate our Cultural Diversity Week
19-23 March Seniors Week A.C.T.
19-25 March A Taste of Harmony
21 March International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21 March Harmony Day
21 March World Forestry Day
21 March World Poetry Day
21 March International Day of Nowruz
21 March Naw Ruz (New Year) - Baha'i
21-27 March Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination
22 March World Water Day
22 March Close The Gap Day
23 March World Meteorological Day
24 March World Tuberculosis Day
25 March International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
25 March Neighbour Day
25 March Bandaged Bear Appeal
25-31 March Arthritis Awareness Week
25 March - 1 April National Playgroup Week
26 March Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness
26 March - 1 April Salt Awareness Week
26 March - 26 April Buy a Butterfly Month
28 March Ride2School Day
28 March Wound Awareness Week
31 March Good Samaritan Day
31 March National Batten Disease Awareness Day
31 March Earth Hour
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April 2012

1 April Walk to Remember
1 April The Great Australian Bite
1 April National Smile Day
1 April 'Run for the Kids'
1 April Be alarmed! Change your smoke alarm battery
1 April April FALLS Day
1-7 April April No Falls Day 2012
2 April World Autism Awareness Day
4 April International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
4 April Orange HOPE Day
4 April Easter - All Christians
6 April Good Friday
6-14 April Passover
7 April World Health Day
7 April Pillow Fight Day
7-13 April Diversional Therapy Awareness Week
8 April Dress Differently Day
11 April World Parkinson's Day
13 April Baisakhi - Sikh
13 April The 13th "Don't Be One Of The Unlucky Ones"
13-22 April National Youth Week
15-21 April International Creativity & Innovation Week
17 April World Haemophilia Day
18 April World Heritage Day
22 April Earth Day
23 April World Book and Copyright Day
23 April UN Global Road Safety Week
23-27 April Playground Safety Week
24 April Easter
24 April World YWCA Day
25 April Anzac Day
25 April World Malaria Day
25 April International Guide Dog Day
26 April World Intellectual Property Day [WIPO]
26 April Pay it Forward Day
28 April World Day for Safety and Health At Work
28 April Buddha Day - Visakha Puja - Buddhist
29 April - 5 May Australian Dance Week
29 April - 5 May Privacy Awareness Week
30 April - 6 May Osteopathy Awareness Week
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May 2012

1 May World Asthma Day
1 May Beltane
1 May PKU Awareness Day
1-7 May Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week
1-31 May Crohns & Colitis Awareness Month
1-31 May Jelly Baby Month
1-31 May NF Awareness Month
1-31 May Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month
1-31 May Kiss Goodbye to MS
1-31 May Miracle Month
3 May World Press Freedom Day
5 May International Midwives Day
6 May International No Diet Day
6-12 May Heart Week
6-12 May National Mothering Week
6-12 May National MND Week
7-12 May International Composting Awareness Week
8 May Mothers Day
9-15 May International ME/CFS Awareness Week
9-15 May Social Sector Financial Literacy Week
10 May World Lupus Day
11 May Neighbourhood House Day
12 May International Nurses Day
13 May Mothers Day Classic
13-19 May Food Allergy Awareness Week
14-15 May World Migratory Bird Day
14-20 May Schizophrenia Awareness Week
14-20 May Law Week
14-20 May National Volunteer Week
14-20 May National Career Development Week
15 May International Day of Families
17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
17 May Walk for Justice
17 May International Day Against Homophobia
18 May Walk Safely To School Day 0
20 May RSPCA Million Paws Walk
20-26 May Education Week
20-26 May National Palliative Care Week
21 May World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
21-27 May Spinal Health Week
22 May International Day for Biological Diversity
25 May 65 Roses Day
25 May Wear a Bear Day
25 May Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories
26 May National Sorry Day
27 May Pentecost - Christian
27-29 May Communities in Control Conference 2012
27 May - 2 June
27 May - 2 June Kidney Health Week
27 May - 2 June Macular Degeneration Awareness Week
27 May - 3 June Reconciliation Week
29 May White Wreath Day
29 May International Day of UN Peacekeepers
30 May - 5 June Gold Week
31 May World No-Tobacco Day
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June 2012

1 June Childhood Hero Day
1-7 June Thyroid Awareness Week
1-8 June Medical Research Week
3 June Mabo Day
3-9 June Bowel Cancer Awareness Week
4 June International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
4-8 June National Cyber Security Awareness Week
5 June World Environment Day
6 June Red Apple Day
8 June World Oceans Day
11-15 June Safety in Schools Week
11-17 June International Men's Health Week
12 June World Day Against Child Labour
14 June World Blood Donor Day
14-21 June World Homoeopathy Awareness Week
15 June World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
17 June City Mile Dash
17 June World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
17-23 June Drug Action Week
17-23 June Refugee Week
18-22 June Philanthropy Week
20 June World Refugee Day
21 June MND Global Day
23 June United Nations Public Service Day
24 June MS Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride
24-30 June World Continence Awareness Week
25 June Day of the Seafarer
26 June International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
27 June Global HIV Testing Day
29 June Red Nose Day
29 June World Scleroderma Day
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July 2012

2-8 July Celebrate NAIDOC Week
3 July Asalha Puja Day - Buddhist
7 July International Day of Cooperatives
8-14 July Diabetes Awareness Week
11 July World Population Day
13 July The 13th "Don't Be One Of The Unlucky Ones"
16-21 July National Farm Safety Week
18 July Nelson Mandela International Day
20 July Ramadan begins - Islam
21 July National Hoodie Day
21-28 July Pituitary Awareness Week
22 July Fragile X Awareness Day
27 July Stress Down Day
27 July Schools Tree Day
28 July World Hepatitis Day
29 July National Tree Day
29 July National Stepfamily Awareness Day
29 July - 4 August Missing Persons Week
30 July - 5 August Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week
31 July ational Premmie Day
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August 2012

1 August Infant Massage Week
1-7 August World Breastfeeding Week
3 August Jeans for Genes Day
6-12 August Homeless Persons Week
6-12 August Winter Sleepout
7 August Anxiety Disorders Week
9 August International Day of the World's Indigenous People
10 August Krishna Janmashtami
12 August International Youth Day
12-18 August National EOS Awareness Week
13 August National Science Week
13-19 August Local Government Week
13-19 August Brain Injury Awareness Week
13-19 August Children's Vision Week
15 August Cupcake Day
17-19 August 40 Hour Famine
18-24 August Children's Book Week
19 August World Humanitarian Day
19 August Eid al Fitr - Islam
19-25 August Hearing Awareness Week
19-25 August Speech Pathology Week
19-25 August National Healthy Bones Week
20-26 August Keep Australia Beautiful Week
24 August Daffodil Day
28 August Australia's Unity Walk for Parkinson's
29 August National Meals on Wheels Day
29 August National Literacy and Numeracy Week
29 August International Day against Nuclear Tests
31 August International Overdose Awareness Day
31 August Doctors for Doctors Day
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September 2012

1 September Wattle Day
1 September Gold Bow Day
1-7 September National Asthma Week
1-7 September Spina Bifida Awareness Week
1-8 September Adult Learners' Week
1-30 September Biodiversity Month
1-30 September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
1-30 September Heart Foundation Doorknock Appeal
1-30 September Save the Koala Month
1-30 September Foster Care Month
1 September - 16 October Tiwest Night Stalk
2 September Fathers Day
2-8 September National Child Protection Week
2-8 September Legacy Week
3 September National Flag Day
3-9 September Eczema Awareness Week
3-9 September Landcare Week
3-9 September Parkinson's Awareness Week
7 September Fight Cancer Foundation Footy Colours Day
7 September Threatened Species Day
7 September White Balloon Day
8 September International Literacy Day
9 September Parkinson's WA Unity Walk
9 September International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day (FASDAY)
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day
10 September National Gynaecological Awareness Day
10-16 September National Stroke Week
11 September Sustainable House Day
12 September Paryushana - Jain
15 September Worldwide Lymphoma Awareness Day
15 September International Day of Democracy
15-21 September Cancer Council Walk To Work Day
16 September International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
16 September Clean up the World Day
17 September Australian Citizenship Day
17 September Buzz Day
17 September World Parks Day
17-18 September Rosh Hashanah
17-23 September Herbal Medicine Week
19 September Light the Night
21 September The United Nations' International Day of Peace
21 September World Alzheimer's Day
21-28 September Dementia Awareness Week
22 September World Carfree Day
26 September Yom Kippur - Jewish
26 September Badge Day
27 September World Tourism Dayl
28 September World Rabies Day
29 September National Police Remembrance Day
29 September World Maritime Day
30 September World Heart Day
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October 2012

1 October World Teachers Day
1 October International Day of Older Persons
1-7 October RSPCA Awareness Week
1-7 October Be Kind to Animals Week
1-31 October Community Safety Month
1-31 October Foot Health Month
1-31 October Mental Health Month
1-31 October Girls Night In
1-31 October Walktober (Tasmania)
1-31 October Dogtober
1-31 October Wildlife Awareness Month
2 October World Habitat Day
2 October International Day of Non-Violence
4 October World Animal Day
4-10 October World Space Week
5 October Happy Tails Day
6-13 October R U OK? Day
7-13 October Mental Health Week
7-13 October Haemophilia Awareness Week
7-13 October Fire Prevention Week
9 October World Post Day
10 October World Mental Health Day
10 October Ride2 Work Day
10 October Pet Adoption Day
10 October Fire Action Week
11 October World Sight Day
12 October International Arthritis Day
14-20 October Anti Poverty Week
14-20 October National Nutrition Week
14-20 October Carers Week
14-20 October National Water Week
15 October International Day of Rural Women
15 October Global Handwashing Day
15 October Conservation Week
15-19 October Sock it to Suicide Week
15-19 October Week Without Violence
16 October World Food Day
16 October World Spine Day
16-24 October Navaratri
17 October International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
19 October MS MoonWalk
19 October Loud Shirt Day
20 October World Osteoporosis Day
20 October National Herpes Day
20-26 October National Week of Deaf People
21-27 October Occupational Therapy Week
21-27 October Safe Work Australia Week
21-27 October Children's Week
22 October Pink Ribbon Day
23 October Great Strides Walkathon
23 October National Kidsafe Day
24 October World Polio Day
24 October World Development Information Day
24 October United Nations Day
24 October Disarmament Week
25-26 October Eid al Adha - Islam
26 October National Bandanna Day
27 October World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
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November 2012

1 November Samhain
1-30 November Miracle Babies Foundation's National Awareness Month
1-30 November Movember
1-30 November Lung Health Awareness
5 November International Volunteer Manager Appreciation Day
6 November International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
6 November World Vegan Day
6-13 November National Adoption Awareness Week
7 November National Recycling Week
8 November National Sunnies Day
10 November World Science Day for Peace and Development
12-16 November National Telework Week
13 November Diwali
13 November National Psychology Week
14 November World Diabetes Day
15 November Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week
16 November International Day for Tolerance
17 November World Philosophy Day
18-24 November Social Inclusion Week
19 November World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day
19 November World Toilet Day
20 November World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
20 November Africa Industrialization Day
20 November Universal Children's Day
21 November World Television Day
22 November Assistance Dogs Australia Awareness Week
25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
25 November White Ribbon Day
26 November - 2 December GiveNow Week 2012
28 November Guru Nanak Dev Sahib birthday
29 November International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
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December 2012

1 December World AIDS Day
1 December Red Ribbon Appeal
2 December International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
3 December International Day of Persons with Disabilities
5 December International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
5 December International Volunteer Day
7 December International Civil Aviation Day
9 December International Anti-Corruption Dayl
10 December Human Rights Day
11 December International Mountain Day
18 December International Migrants Day
19 December United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
20 December International Human Solidarity Day
25 December Christmas
26 December Boxing Day
26 December 2012 - 2 January 2013 Festive Recycling 2010/2011
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